El Gouna International School International Section Admissions
Admission to El Gouna School is dependent on:

1- The submission of an application form with 4 recent photographs of the child – applications are downloadable from the website: and available in school.

2. The production of the child’s school reports from the previous school for pupils applying for Y1 and above. Your application cannot be considered until these documents have been submitted to the school.

3. Meetings with the Head of Section may be arranged by appointment if necessary or requested by parents.

4. Pupils will undergo an assessment to ascertain their academic ability.

5. The production of the following required documents for the pupil’s file:

  • A copy of the pupil’s school report from the previous school, where applicable.

  • For Egyptian pupils: the submission of the original birth certificate.

  • For Foreign Pupils: The submission of a copy of a valid passport with a valid, the original birth certificate confirming the child’s nationality and date of birth and Proof of Acceptance by the Ministry of Education.

  • Without these documents and official approval, the pupils cannot be admitted or enrolled to the school.

    Please note the following:

  • Places will only be offered to children who, in the opinion of the EGIS Management, will benefit from the educational programmes of the School.
  • Admission to classes is not dependent solely on age but a combination of age, academic performance, English language ability, level of independence, behaviour and any other pertinent circumstances that may be communicated to/ recognised by the school.
  • Registrations for the new academic year are accepted throughout the year, provided there are places available.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the school for information and application during school hours - 8.30am to 2.30pm, Sunday to Thursday.
  • Assessments require prior appointments.
  • The school transport service is provided according to availability of places on the buses. New parents applying for the school and wishing to use this service should indicate their wish in the application form, and communicate with the Admissions Officer prior to the payment of registration fees. Places on the buses cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please note that the school’s administrative staff are not available during weekends (Friday or Saturday) or official and school holidays.

    Documents held by the school.
    While the child remains in the school, the following documents will be retained:

  • Original or certified copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of the last school report.
  • Copy of valid passport with a valid residence visa for foreign students.
  • Original Proof of acceptance by the Ministry of Education.

  • Withdrawal of Pupil from the School.

    Parents are required to give the school one terms notice in writing regarding the pupil leaving the school.

    Non-payment of Fees.

    According to the Ministry of Education, private schools may take the following action against students who do not pay their fees.

    1. Withhold reports and examination results.

    2. Not permit progression/promotion to the next year group.

    3. Private schools send lists of students who have outstanding fees to the Directorate of Education; this is in order to ensure they are not issued with any certificates of results or endorsements until they have paid all the due school fees and a stamped letter from their school is sent to the Directorate of Education to confirm payment of outstanding fees. This applies to all age